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SMICO is the leader in custom screening technology. In today’s market, there is not a single other major screener manufacturer willing to customize their machines to the level that SMICO does for its clients. Over the last 70 years SMICO has made a name for itself as being customer focused while being obsessed with quality and today SMICO continues to offer the highest level of support and response to our client’s needs while retaining our signature, American-Made quality.
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Who is SMICO?
SMICO or Southwest Milling and Industrial Company history rivals that of any 
other American screener manufacturer for respect and longevity.

Our history can be traced all the way back to 1937 and beyond. During the early days, the company was called Productive Equipment and was located in Chicago, IL.

Who is SYMONS?

Original Symons Screener started by Ory and Ed Symons in 1933 the Symons Brothers Screen Company designed & developed many types of screening equipment. The company has been in screen manufacturing for over 70 years, building high quality equipment for the asphalt, aggregate, mining & industrial markets.


Storm Safe Shelters: Oklahoma made - Oklahoma strong

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Protecting lives since 1987
Protect your family with an underground storm shelter or safe room that has been engineered and manufactured – right here in Oklahoma - to withstand an EF5 tornado.
For more than 25 years, the team at Storm Safe Shelters has built and installed storm shelters in Oklahoma to keep families safe when a vicious storm hits.
Our experience and expertise are unsurpassed in this market, and we are committed to our community.
In other words, we will be around to back up our lifetime warranty on our storm shelters.


A&J Mixing Co. Inc

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For a closer look or if you don't see exactly what you want, please contact us. Evaluations are free and without obligation. We want your business and we are trying harder to get it. Our team in sales, engineering, and production are truly interested in pleasing our customers and making machinery that performs and gets you the return you are looking for. We do many things that are not always apparent. For example, we start with a philosophy that the sales persons can only sell you the first machine, engineering and production have to sell the second one. In other words, the machine has to be built properly, has to do what we say it will do, easy to install, easy to maintain, safe to operate and maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and then we consider cost. Building cheap is just removing material and labor. Building good machinery that is cost effective is the real challenge.

Here are some more things we do:
Every machine starts with a computer analysis that calculates the minimums for the most critical parts to put them inside a “standard” that is applicable for the application. All deflections have to be within the compression of the gaskets. Because all machines are to a standard design range, if there is a field problem on one machine, we can determine if it is a weakness or an isolated case. If there is an application outside our standard, we can customize the machine. Standards also apply to welding, straightening of components so seals are presented properly, material thickness, and finishing. All seals last longer when properly presented, and seals are your maintenance cost.
Quality control is ongoing with a 100 point plus inspection before shipping.
We have followed these procedures since 1995 and the result is that we enjoy a lot of repeat business because the mixers do perform and give the return on the investment.


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